Benefits of Python

Python is not a new programming language, but it is still one of the popular programming languages which are used for different purposes. It was found by Guido Van Rossum, who was a developer in the year 1991. It is a high-level language; whose focus is mainly on the readability of the code. If we compare Python language with other programming languages like C++ or Java, you will know that it is better than these languages. As it helps the programmers to code in just a few steps only. Because of the versatile features of Python language, many companies prefer using it. There are many big organizations also, which are making use of Python language at present like Google, YouTube, Yahoo Maps, Dropbox, Microsoft, Mozilla, Quora, Spotify, and a few others.

If you are also planning to learn any programming language, then we suggest you learn Python only. Python has many benefits like it helps which you may or may not be aware of. Let’s know some of the benefits of Python.

Extensive Support Libraries

This programming language makes a large standard library available for us. From string operations to operating system interfaces, web services tools to internet protocols, this language includes all these areas in its large support library. There are many codes that need to be reduced in the length for writing them properly. Such codes are already scripted in the large standard library so that one can make use of them for different programming tasks.

Less Coding is required

As we have just mentioned above that Python is one such programming language that can be written in fewer steps also. Because it uses simple syntax, and it can be summarized in just a few lines. A code which might take 7 to 8 lines to be written in any other programming language like C++ or Java. It can be written in just 3 to 4 lines using the Python programming language. This saves the time of the coders, as the code is small and is simple also, so it can be written in less time. Because of the simplicity of this programming language, the correction or rewriting of the code can also be done in less time. That is why people use this programming language for the software which needs less time to code. This saves time and costing both.

Easy to Learn

If you are learning the programming language for the first time, you can choose Python. Many programmers and coders prefer to learn Python first and then they try their hand on other programming languages. It is because Python is easy to learn. A statement for which one may need to write a complete class in Java programming language. In Python language, one may need to write just one print statement for it. It uses simple and less syntax even for the high programming tasks also. One can easily read and understand the Python language codes in comparison with other programming language codes. This is because it uses simple readable English. Unlike other programming languages, it does not require curly braces for defining blocks. So, when the readability of the code is easy, one can understand it easily and can learn the language.

Affordable by different types of businesses

One thing which most of you might be aware of the Python Language is that it provides a free platform. This enables all the big and small businesses to make use of Python language. With the help of cost-effective software, one can make use of the Python language for different operation in any organization. Be it a start-up or any well established IT Firm, they all can make use of it easily for developing different software and applications.


The productivity of the Python programming language is said to be best among other programming languages. It makes use of the clean object-oriented design. It enhances the process control and text processing capabilities. Be it a simple application or complex application, it can be used in both. The strong integration of the Python language also helps in increasing the speed of this language. It increases the programmer’s productivity also by providing one with the large support library which can be used for different software and application development.